Pilates 1-on-1 Personalized Sessions

Using all specialized equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Suspension Pulleys, and Chisel tools our Master Trainer Nikki Perkovich will create a customized progression designed specially to give you the fastest results. You then will be placed with a Trainer to help guide you through your progression. These sessions are a great choice for chronic pain sufferers too!

Pilates Mat Classes

Using gravity and your body weight as resistance, fundamental Pilates movements change your body. Designed to benefit all ages and fitness levels in a group environment. Beginners and hard-core addicts get results!

Pilates Machine Classes

For more intense results we recommend training on specialized Pilates machines. Pilates machine training is performed by a mixed use of Pulley Suspension, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Reformer and Chisel tools. Working with a periodization schedule, “easy week”, “moderate week”, “hard week”, and “extreme week” the body changes and adapts to the variation of intensity and constant new movement of progressions and routines. Mirrored ceilings and walls keep you training in great form. Master Trainer Nikki Perkovich teaches all machine classes.

Pulley Suspension Pilates

Fundamental, original Pilates using pulleys, chains, springs, swivels, leather handles and more! Extreme training gets extreme results!

Wunda Chair Classes

The classic Wunda chair class is a dynamic training session using the entire body. Great improvements in strength, muscle tone, and balance as you totally condition your abdominals. The chair class will work your abs with every arm and leg movement for fast results. We recommend doing at least one Reformer or Cadillac machine class before taking the Wunda chair class.


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